Deskilling V: Storyboard


Version 1b. of Hampterprise

Deep in the heart of the Milky Way, a group of genetically-modified super-intelligent
pigs lived on a space station known as "The Sty."


One day, the station's alarms blared as an unknown object hurtled towards them.
The pigs quickly assembled their crack team:
Captain Ham Solo, the dashing leader;
Princess Leia Oinkgana, the sassy diplomat;
and Pork Vader, the former villain turned ally.

As the object drew closer, the pigs realized it was a giant wheel of cheese.
Ham Solo exclaimed, "Looks like we're about to have a close encounter of the curd kind!"
The crew groaned at the pun but prepared to investigate the peculiar cheese wheel.

Upon closer inspection, they discovered that the cheese was inhabited by a race
of microscopic aliens called the Cheesites.

The Cheesites had been searching for a new home after their previous cheese planet
had been eaten by giant AI.

Princess Leia Oinkgana, always the diplomat, offered to help the Cheesites
find a suitable new home.
Pork Vader suggested, "Maybe we should take them to the Fondue Nebula?
I hear it's a real melting pot of cultures!"

And so, the crew of „The Sty“ embarked on a quest to find the perfect
planet for the Cheesites.

Along the way, they encountered many challenges, including a band of space cows
who demanded a "gratuity" to pass through their sector and
an asteroid field made entirely of chees crackers.

Finally, they discovered a giant ball of mozzarella floating in space.
Ham Solo declared, "It's a Mozza-realla nice place to call home! MozaReal!"

The Cheesites agreed, and the pigs helped them settle into their new,
cheesy paradise.

As the crew of The Sty flew off, they couldn't help but feel a ense of pride
in their accomplishments. Pork Vader turned to his companions and said,
"You know what? I think we're really starting to bring home the the Bacon, Kevin!"

to be continued ….


S. 2024/02


ref. 1 Bacon


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