OWASP - Top 10 for LLM version 1.0 (Prompt Injection, Training Data Poisoning, ...)





OWASP Top 10 for LLM version 1.0

LLM01: Prompt Injection

This manipulates a large language model (LLM) through crafty inputs, causing
unintended actions by the LLM. Direct injections overwrite system prompts,
while indirect ones manipulate inputs from external sources.

LLM02: Insecure Output Handling

This vulnerability occurs when an LLM output is accepted without scrutiny,
exposing backend systems. Misuse may lead to severe consequences
like XSS, CSRF, SSRF, privilege escalation, or remote code execution.

LLM03: Training Data Poisoning

This occurs when LLM training data is tampered, introducing vulnerabilities
or biases that compromise security, effectiveness, or ethical behavior. Sources include
Common Crawl, WebText, OpenWebText, & books.

LLM04: Model Denial of Service

Attackers cause resource-heavy operations on LLMs, leading to
service degradation or high costs. The vulnerability is magnified due to
the resource-intensive nature of LLMs and unpredictability of user inputs.

LLM05: Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

LLM application lifecycle can be compromised by vulnerable components or services,
leading to security attacks. Using third-party datasets, pre-trained models, and plugins can add vulnerabilities.

LLM06: Sensitive Information Disclosure

LLM’s may inadvertently reveal confidential data in its responses,
leading to unauthorized data access, privacy violations, and security breaches.
It’s crucial to implement data sanitization and strict user policies to mitigate this.

LLM07: Insecure Plugin Design

LLM plugins can have insecure inputs and insufficient access control.
This lack of application control makes them easier to exploit and can result in consequences like remote code execution.

LLM08: Excessive Agency

LLM-based systems may undertake actions leading to unintended consequences.
The issue arises from excessive functionality, permissions, or autonomy granted to the LLM-based systems.

LLM09: Overreliance

Systems or people overly depending on LLMs without oversight may face misinformation,
miscommunication, legal issues, and security vulnerabilities due to incorrect or inappropriate content generated by LLMs.

LLM10: Model Theft

This involves unauthorized access, copying, or exfiltration of proprietary LLM models.
The impact includes economic losses, compromised competitive advantage, and potential access to sensitive information.



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